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Greg on a tour in Lunenburg Greg on the set of Moby Dick Greg whale watching Greg & his kids Greg & the Kiwi Kaboodle Van

Greg, your Kiwi guide, has been around a bit. heh. From Akaroa in New Zealand to Zanzibar in Africa ... from Takaka to Timbuktu ... Greg has wandered, driven, guided tours, flown (yes, we know, kiwis can't fly), to over forty countries on four continents and then ended up on the South Shore of Nova Scotia with a wife (Trudi - a Nova Scotian) and three kids (Shani (born in Christchurch, New Zealand), Jacqui (born in Halifax, Nova Scotia) and Mitchell (born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia).

Trudi and I set up Kiwi Kaboodle in 2001 as a small somewhat elegant tour company that caters specifically to each client's individual needs, wants and desires. That was back in the days when there weren't many tour operators in Nova Scotia. Now there is a plethora of companies out there, and while we certainly had a busy enough schedule to operate two or more vehicles, we have chosen quality over quantity and have kept Greg as our sole tour guide operating in an Astrovan - a much roomier van than the smaller family vans often chosen by small tour companies like ours. Of the small tour companies operating on the mainland, we are the oldest licensed tour company in Nova Scotia.

Twelve years later, we now offer historical tours, winery tours, cycling tours, hiking tours, whale watching, camping trips, and so much more! We can go for a few hours or a few days. There's nothing we won't consider, and we're always looking for new ideas and ways to show you all the beauty of Nova Scotia in a unique and exciting way.

If you have any questions regarding us, our business, licensed Nova Scotia tour companies, or anything else (The Picton Castle maybe? New Zealand? The Faroe Islands perhaps?) please send us an email and ask away! We always love meeting new people!