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Hiking Tours



Gaff’s Point
Hike Level: Moderate - Duration: 7 hours - Price pp: $85

You will be picked up at your accommodation at 9:30am and driven to Hirtle’s Beach, a favorite of surfers and beach-goers alike. We’ll walk along the beach and enter the coastal forest through to the rugged cliffs above the mighty Atlantic Ocean. The hike follows the coast through barren land where you might just catch a  distant glimpse of the Tall Ships which visit Lunenburg’s harbor, or watch seals and whales playing in the ocean. Once we reach the Point we will stop for more breathtaking photos before returning to the van and heading back to Lunenburg, where we will tour the UNESCO designated town, famous for its tall ships, fishing & architecture. We will then visit Mahone Bay, where the three waterfront churches grace the skyline and then return to your accommodation.


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Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct
Hike Level: Easy - Duration: 7 hours - Price pp: $85

We will travel from Lunenburg to the Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct where we will hike to the protected beach once occupied by the Mi’kmaq where we will likely catch sight of the endangered plovers. After leaving the National Park we will travel back to Carter’s Beach – this area is stunning with its pristine white sand and turquoise waters you will feel like you are visiting the southern seas and not the North Atlantic coast of Canada!


Cycling Tours


Indian Point
Cycle  Level: Moderate - Duration: 4 hours - Price pp: $45

Beginning at the Mahone Bay Information Centre, we will ride up the hill to access the Trans Canada Trail and cycle a short, scenic ride following the trail past a pristine lake to the Oakland Road. From there we will travel by road and meander to Indian Point where we will find a quaint boat yard and mussel farm. Next we will cycle back to Mahone Bay, stopping for photos of the scenic town and famous three churches from across the Bay. Finally we’ll cycle through the township to see the highlights and admire the charm of this quintessential seaside town.


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Lunenburg Loop
Cycle Level: Moderate - Duration: 7 hours - Price pp: $95

Starting in Mahone Bay, this lovely scenic ride follows through Mader’s Cove, Sunnybrook and onto Lunenburg. This UNESCO World Heritage Town dates back to 1753 when it was first settled by European Protestants. We will tour the town admiring the different architectural styles found throughout the town and then stop for a bit of lunch. We’ll let your lunch settle while strolling through the town, visiting shops or the building site of the new Bluenose 2, before getting back on our bikes and returning to Mahone Bay.


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Hike & Bike Kejimkujik
Level: Varies - Duration: 7 hours - Price pp: $95

We drive the scenic road to Kejimkujik National Park and visit the Interpretive Centre for an introduction before choosing our hike based on difficulty level and interests. We have the options of incorporating some cycling into our day and/or renting a canoe for a paddle through the waterways once frequented by the Mi’kmaq. We can even stop for a swim in one of the crystal clear lakes at the park before returning to Lunenburg.

All cycle and hiking tour prices are per person and do not include HST of 15%.

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Van Tours

These are the very same tours (plus  more!) that we offer out of Halifax, but because we are based here in Lunenburg County we have tailored the tours to suit people staying right here in what is, in our opinion, the most beautiful part of Nova Scotia. We have put together five different tours out of Lunenburg: we will pick you up at your accommodation and we'll spend the day seeing some of the other beautiful parts of Nova Scotia, before returning you home to your accommodation here in Lunenburg. Why drive yourself and miss out on all the beautiful scenery? It's much more relaxing to sit back, enjoy the view, and let Greg do the driving. Along the way he'll be able to tell you a lot more about these places than you can find in a tour booklet -- he's spent the past 10 years driving around this gorgeous province, and he isn't one to sit back and wait while his passengers walk around town: he's out there, talking to the locals and finding out interesting things to do and see. If one of the tours below don't interest you, talk to Greg: he can tailor a tour specifically to you and your interests ...


Tidal Bore Adventure
Winery Tasting & Tours


Annapolis Valley
Halifax City Tours


Peggy's Cove Tours

Peggy’s Cove
Duration: 6 hours
Price: $210


Settled in 1749 as a military town, it quickly established itself as an economic hub of activity. A series of tragic events have helped shape this city: from its role in the Titanic tragedy to the Halifax Explosion. This university town has withstood the time of time and more than it's fair share of disasters.

We tour the city and visit some sites of interest, and then head to Peggy's Cove where you will be in awe of the glacier-formed landscape and, of course, the famous lighthouse sitting atop granite rock at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. We enjoy the sights and sounds of this quaint fishing village and then travel back to Halifax, stopping at one or two more of the more popular city sites.


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·         Annapolis Valley
Duration: 8 hours
Price: $320

 Departing from your accommodation, we travel first to the Town of Wolfville, once known as MudCreek due to the vast acres of mudflats exposed at low tide.  This Minas Basin town is home to Acadia University and some of the finest farmland on the continent.

We then travel over North Mountain to the Village of Hall's Harbour, where the tides have reached 45 feet in height, and you will find the fishing boats either floating on the beautiful blue Bay of Fundy or resting on the mudflats far below the wharf.


We then visit Cape Blomidon for its outstanding view over the Annapolis Valley, and finally a stroll through the Botanical Gardens at Acadia University before returning to Halifax.  The approximate duration of this tour is 7 hours, 3.5 hours of which will be spent in the van.



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·         Winery Tours
Duration: Varies
Price: Call for a quote

 There are a number of wineries in Nova Scotia, many of which produce award winning wines. These are all available for you to tour and taste, and we would love to be the ones to introduce you to these pleasures. Perhaps if you choose a winery close to Lunenburg we can include a tour of the Ironworks Distillery as well -- you'll be amazed. Even if you choose not to come with me to Ironworks, we strongly recommend you find the time while you are in town to visit and taste their delicious spirits. If you would like to venture a bit further, we can perhaps visit the Jost Winery? Let's have a chat about it and I'll find out what you're interested in - we'll spend the day touring and tasting, and hopefully you'll arrive back at your accommodation with a bottle or two to take home with you.


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·         Tidal Bore
Duration: 8 hours
Price: $320

 A tidal bore (or simply bore in context, or also aegir, eagre, or eygre) is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide forms a wave (or waves) of water that travel up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay's current. As such, it is a true tidal wave and not to be confused with a tsunami, which is a large ocean wave traveling primarily on the open ocean. (Thank you Wikipedia!)

Our tidal bore is, of course, on the Bay of Fundy, and whether or not you book this tour will depend almost exclusively on the tide times! Assuming the moon is  in your favour, we'll leave from your accommodation in plenty of time to cross the province and get to the best viewing spots. Once we know what time the bore will happen, let's plan our day: we'll include some of the super scenes and activities in the area - what we do will depend on what you like. History? Gardening? Scenery? Hiking? Whatever you like, we'll work into our day.



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·         Halifax City Tour
Duration: 6 hours
Price: $200

Halifax is a great city! It must be for me to have left my New Zealand home to come and live here. But when we ventured out of the city and into the gorgeous, relaxed countryside, we always knew we would never live in the city again. But we still get excited when we get to go visit! Halifax has so much to offer - the historical buildings, the art galleries, museums, parks, shopping ... did you know many of the passengers aboard the Titanic are buried in Halifax? It's the truth: a quick stop at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic will confirm that and more, and then we can go and actually see some of the gravesites. What was the biggest man-made explosion ever, prior to the atomic bomb? Any guesses? Well if you ask anyone in Halifax they'll tell you -- although very few people indeed are still living today who were around when it happened. The Halifax Explosion - we'll learn about that and much, much more.  Just because you made the decision to stay out of Halifax doesn't mean you want to miss it altogether, so let me take you there for the day so you can get your fill of the hustle and bustle of the city before returning you to peace and tranquility of your accommodation here on Nova Scotia's magnificent South Shore.

Van Tour prices are for 1 to 4 people and include HST.
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