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Nova Scotia is a truly magnificent place to visit and spend some time. Many people visit Nova Scotia, and then return again & again to see and discover more of what this beautiful & unique corner of Canada has to offer.  Perhaps one of the best ways to really experience everything Nova Scotia has to offer is NOT to sit in a van driving 100km/hour down the highway, but to jump on a bicycle and cycle around the province at your own pace.

The thought of planning a cycle tour can be somewhat daunting, and so we have taken the initiative and have planned a few cycle tours around the province. For our part, we will pick you up along with a serviced bicycle and drive you to the starting point of the multi-day tour. We will give you all the information you need on the best routes to take, awesome little side-rides that might interest you, along with highlights and lowlights along your journey. Rather than make you cycle through the long and less-exciting parts, we will pick you and your bike up and bring you to the next part of your journey. Accommodation is up to you, although you have the extra option of having us take care of organising your accommodation and looking after your luggage while you are cycling.


Sample Tour #1: Lunenburg & The Valley


The best way to see the unique Fundy coastline and Annapolis Valley farmland is on a bike, so we will pick you up at your accommodation in Halifax or in the Lunenburg area and drive you and a bicycle through to Wolfville, where your adventure will begin.  There is plenty to do in this quaint area of Nova Scotia, including visiting the local farmers markets and farms, stopping at many historic and cultural hotspots, scenic drives, beaches, lakes and so much more and we will see you in two or three days to drive you through central Nova Scotia over to the Lighthouse Route on the South Shore.

This is sea coast extraordinaire and from Liverpool to Lunenburg you will find 10 beaches where you can cool your toes or your whole self - depending on how much Atlantic Ocean you can take. The stunning scenery and charming villages will keep you entertained and peddling as you make your way to the Town of Lunenburg where we will once again meet up for your return to Halifax.


Duration: 6 days

Price: $460 for one person, plus 15% hst
Extra people: $150 plus 15% hst per person

Included: Bike rental; route plan & activity options; transportation from Halifax/Lunenburg to Wolfville; transportation from Middleton/Annapolis Royal to Liverpool; transportation from Lunenburg to Halifax.

As noted above, we can organise accommodation and transport your luggage at an additional charge.



Sample Tour #2: Bluenose Coast or Beyond

We will pick you up in Halifax and drive you to our starting destination: this could be from Lunenburg to Liverpool or Port Mouton, depending on your time limits  and your cycling abilities. We'll discuss this at the time of booking. Travelling the coast this way should give you tail winds, which will make your journey a bit easier! This stunning ride will take you past beaches and coastal vistas, and there will be plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the delicious ocean breeze or perhaps take a dip in the Atlantic.

We will meet you at your desired final destination: Lunenburg, Mahone Bay or Chester, and we will drive you back to Halifax stopping at Peggy's Cove - the world's most photographed lighthouse.


Duration: 4 days

Price: $419 for one person, plus 15% hst
Extra people: $150 plus 15% hst per person

Included: 4 days bike rental; transportation from Halifax to chosen starting point; transportation back to Halifax stopping for a guided tour in Peggy's Cove

As noted above, we can organise accommodation and transport your luggage at an additional charge.




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